How to Spice your Nail Game this New School Year 2022

by Alyssa Sarmiento
How to Spice your Nail Game this New School Year 2022

Did you know that there was a period when having long nails was deemed as “ghetto”? It was seen as “markers of blackness, sexual deviancy, and marginalized femininity” according to Professor Lindsay Pieper in a 2015 essay. It even became a subject of controversy in the past when Florence Griffith-Joyner broke the 100 meters world record three times at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. The media focused on how the runner wore “4-inch, curved, tiger-striped fingernails” and not on the achievement itself. Black women have been rocking artistic fake nails even before they were "cool". Wearing them proudly when the words used by the world to describe them were "ghetto” and "tacky”.

But today? The way everyone describes long, artistic nails? It’s far from “tacky”. It's now accepted as part of everyone's fashion style that even famous people from K-pop and Hollywood can’t get enough of it! From BlackPink to The Kardashians, you’ll see their long nails created with artistry that the nails themselves deserve a fashion show. 

Here’s Jennie of Blackpink rocking long nails as seen in one of their comeback poster teasers.

The Kardashians, known as one of the fashion trend setters in the US, are also big fans of nail artistry whether it’s long, colorful acrylics or just a fresh minimalist manicure. Here's Kim showing off hers on an IG post.

Do you want your nails done with the same artistry? Because you can! Tekiara Johns, a studentpreneur from Lincoln University PA, is offering high-quality nail technician services. It became so in-demand among her peers that she decided to make it an official business named, “Sparkle Cosmetics”. She does almost everything related to nail art from acrylic manicure to regular pedicures. 

The enterprising Tekiara Johns decided to look at the pandemic as an opportunity to create something for herself and tried doing nail arts on her own hands, keeping her both mind and body busy.

Tekiara was always curious about nail arts even when she was a little girl. She used to go with her mom to nail salons and she would always watch the nail technicians as they remove old polishes, shape the ends of nails and apply new, vibrant polishes with wonder and amazement. And now, as a college student, she is doing that while diligently balancing her studies and curriculum. 

Being a college student is hard enough as it is, with its endless all-nighters, deadlines and extracurriculars. Managing a blooming business on top of all that makes it almost impossible to focus on one thing and not neglecting the other. Tekiara is not an exception to that invisible rule but the good thing about her business is that she also benefits from it. Not just in monetary terms but also in her networking and social life. She finds relaxation and she also meets new people by doing what she enjoys to do. According to her, “doing nails has always been a way for me to slow down and do something I enjoy.” If that’s not a win-win situation then I don’t know what is!

The right nail art can make you look and feel great. Sparkle Cosmetics offers various nail arts designs from modern, minimalist chic to vibrant and playful designs. Here are some examples of Tekiara’s masterpieces:

If you read our newsletters, we have been featuring studentpreneurs and alumni entrepreneurs from our LU community (let’s go Lions!). From braids to wigs they can do it. We have talented and hardworking studentpreneurs out there! And if you’re a student from Lincoln University PA, then you must go check, if you still haven’t yet, Tekiara Johns’ nail business called Sparkle Cosmetics

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by Alyssa Sarmiento