Connecting Generations Through Music

by Alyssa Sarmiento
Connecting Generations Through Music

Language may be a barrier, a cause of misunderstanding for people who don’t share the same language. There is one thing that has been constant however. To most of us, music is a universal language!. It has bridged different cultures together, different ethnicities, and even different generations. Once you hear a song that makes you groove, you don’t question it and just go with it, am I right? There are also timeless classics that will forever be remembered.

Music has helped people, if you’re having a bad day listening to songs you can relate to is a way to vent out the stress. When you’re happy, people play songs to celebrate and to bask in that happiness. Music has been a way to communicate our feelings without us having to talk. Who has been sad or mad and just put a status or a story of a song they’re relating to? We are as guilty as the next person. See, music can say so much without us having to say anything.

If we take this into a cultural perspective, music has also played a huge part in African American history. Music has played a crucial role in the lives of African Americans since the time of slavery. Music has been used as a form of expression, a means of communication, a source of comfort, and a way to celebrate life and culture.

African American music has a rich history that spans a variety of genres, including blues, jazz, gospel, R&B, hip-hop, and more. These genres have not only been popular among African Americans but have also had a significant impact on American popular culture as a whole.

Music has also been used as a tool for social and political activism, with many African American musicians using their art to speak out against racial injustice and inequality. In this way, music has been an important part of the ongoing struggle for civil rights and equality for African Americans.

Overall, music has been and continues to be a deeply important part of African American culture, providing a means of self-expression, connection to community, and a source of pride and inspiration.

Music is part of people’s lives, and for stressed college students music is a vital part. College students are not just students as we know, we have studentpreneurs, student athletes, student scholars, and many more.
Music can have several positive effects on college students. Here are some ways in which music can help:

Reducing stress and anxiety: College can be a stressful time for students, and listening to music can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Improving focus and concentration: Listening to music while studying or working on assignments can help students to concentrate better and stay focused on the task at hand.

Boosting mood and motivation: Music can have a positive effect on mood and motivation, which can be helpful when students are feeling down or lacking in motivation.

Enhancing memory retention: Studies have shown that listening to music while studying can improve memory retention and recall.

Encouraging socialization: Music can be a great way for college students to socialize and connect with others who share similar musical tastes. Going to a party, knowing their favorite band or singer is always a good conversation starter

Music is also a way to transcend generational differences. After asking the Lincoln community for songs that remind them of Lincoln University.

#1 Waterfall by TLC - Did you know that in 1995 TLC started a seven-week run at No. 1 on the U.S. singles chart with "Waterfalls”. Waterfall was released during some of our Lincoln brothas and sista’s first year and is just reminiscent of the good old freshman years. 

#2 Throw Ya Gunz by ONYX - “And buck-buck like you just don't care”, in this day and age sometimes not caring and minding your own business is better. Now the playlist right now might be a mish mosh of different genres, but that’s the beauty of music. The possibilities are endless!

#3 Uhh Ahh by Boyz II Men - “The love I have right next to me, is here and always will be.”  College life is a roller coaster, you could be partying today and having the time of your life, and the next hour you’re stressing over your college crush.

#4 Creep by TLC -Come on we can’t just put one TLC song in this list and call it a day?! We gotta put two! Now this song was controversial and because of the controversy it made it all the more reason it keeps getting replayed.

#5 House Music - Let your imagination go wild and think of your favorite house music. College isn’t complete if you haven’t partied and have a test the following day! 

Now these songs are not the full representation of college life. But these songs are song recommendations from our community and we want to share them with you. Share the goodness and these might just evoke the same emotions it did for them.

Share us your music recommendations or your experiences and let’s bond over The Den!

by Alyssa Sarmiento