Feel the Roar at Lincoln University

by Alyssa Sarmiento
Feel the Roar at Lincoln University

Did you attend Feel the Roar before enrolling in Lincoln University?

If you missed it, don’t worry! We are here to take you on a Feel the Roar experience. Taking us on this journey is the lioness, Alyssa Gooby.

Before we start, we have an important question… What do you think a student looks for in a university before they decide to enroll? What made YOU enroll in Lincoln University?

We asked Alyssa what her favorite part of Feel the Roar was. Her answer is similar to what most Lions would say, THE PEP RALLY! Aside from it being a series of performances of various organizations within the university, it serves as a glimpse of what Lincoln has to offer.

So, what do students look for in a university? They look for a university or college that can nurture them academically wise and their innate talents. 

The pep rally displayed the family-feel of Lincoln because everyone had great energy and was supporting one another.” Alyssa excitedly described her experience. She also believes that it was probably everyone’s favorite part of the event as well because it’s the most exciting part of the tour.

If you want the full immersion to Feel the Roar, here’s the vlog to Lincoln university’s Spring Open House 2022.

What’s amazing about the Feel the Roar Open House is that most of the tour guides are volunteers. Lizxandra Done, one of the volunteer tour guides during Lincoln’s 2022 Spring Open House, is a student who manages her own business, a Closure/Frontal wig installation and customization. With studies and her business you’d think she has too much to handle on her plate, but no! She still volunteered with a happy heart.

“It felt good to give back to my school , to help LU (batch) 26 & learn a little bit about Lincoln & everything we have to offer!” Lizxandra Done, on why she volunteered.

When we asked Alyssa what prompted her to volunteer, she said that she attended their Fall Open House and immediately knew it wouldn’t just be a university, but a family. Her tour guides that day really made an impact on her decision to enroll in Lincoln. Wishing to make that same mark and impression to future cubs, Alyssa volunteered. She said she will do it again next year, and the year after because the experience is priceless and one of a kind.

So, how about you? What made you enroll in Lincoln University? 

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