If Only Rapunzel Knew Nacia

by Alyssa Sarmiento
If Only Rapunzel Knew Nacia

Meet Nacia Hanner, a Lincoln University Pennsylvania student and the owner of Styled by Ci. If you love awesome clean braids, you’ll love her works. Read how this fierce lioness juggled work and school.

Braids to a black woman is basically a rite of passage. A child’s core memory is most likely sitting for hours on end on their loved one’s legs as they get their hair done meticulously for hours.

Fashion changes, fashion is subjective, trends come and go but some are just integral parts of certain cultures. Hair dating back to as early as 3500 BC has always been an indicator of a person’s status in society, ethnicity, religion, which tribe they belong to, and a lot more. It’s not just hair!

Not everyone has nimble hands to make such intricate and elegant braids. Sometimes we need help, and that’s okay! So, meet our student entrepreneur of the month, Nacia Hanner. She’s a Lincoln University student and the owner of Styled by Ci.


Like many girls, their interest in braiding started out by watching their moms, grandmas, aunties, or older sisters braid their hair. Nacia’s interest in braiding started out in high school. When the pandemic first hit, people still kept asking her to do their hair so she decided to finally get serious with it and turn it into a business.

Just new to the business but with already 500+ followers on Instagram, and growing, shows how talented (and Disney-magical) her hands are.

Nacia offers braids, twists and loc retwists, and loc repair.

We all know how taxing college is on its own, but Nancia persevered and accepted clients while balancing her studies. She also mentioned that she likes attending events in the University to make memories. Finding that perfect balance between school and leisure is hard enough, add managing a business into the equation and you might find yourself with too much on your plate. But not for Nancia!

Slots run out fast, so if you want your braids done by Nancia go just here: https://styled-by-ci.square.site/

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