Hairstory: A hair history lesson

by Alyssa Sarmiento
Hairstory: A hair history lesson

Get your wigs and weaves snatched

Hair has varying meanings depending on the era. Get ready to dive into Hairstory: a hair history lesson. For example, there was a period where black women’s natural hair was growing towards the sky, seen as a symbol of high status and closeness to the divine beings. Then there was a time where people were conforming to the texture caste system where straight hair is good. Then came the time where hair is seen as an expression of oneself and basically to have fun.

Black women’s relationship with wigs dates back to the ancient Egyptian era. A lot of royal families adorned their wigs with gold and lace emphasizing their status in society. Styles range from curly to coily and even braided or locs. It was also a way to protect their scalp from the scorching sun. Wigs back then were made mostly of palm leaf fibers, wool, and in some cases, human hair. 

In modern times there are various reasons why black women opt to wear wigs instead of growing their natural hair. One is to protect their hair, and wigs allow for versatility and creativity. We previously featured Cici and her magical hands that would make Rapunzel envious with how intricate her braids are. Read more about her here.

Now, let’s meet another lioness who is a boss babe balancing studies, business and all the while doing extracurriculars at Lincoln university. Get ready to get your wigs and weaves.. well, not snatched because we want them to stay on your scalp!

The journey all started in Lizxandra Done’s dorm room. After putting a wig on herself, her friend really liked how she installed it and asked her to install her wig on her too. After years of posting her works on the internet for fun she officially started her business at the age of 18! She launched All Dolled Up on August 15, 2021 offering closure/frontal wig installations and customizations.

Nearing her first year anniversary this August, All Dolled Up already has a wide clientele of gorgeous girls who keep coming back for her clean service! Look at that seamless installation. Her services is not limited to just wig installations but she also does wig dyeing, wig cutting, and wig customization.

Of course, being a student entrepreneur is not an easy task. School, the school works, doing hair appointments, you might think it’s too much but Lizxandra said she wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love that i’m able to stay busy and on my toes constantly rather than putting my time towards something non-beneficial.” Lizxandra Done

To top it all off, she is also very active in the Lincoln community. Just this Fall she volunteered for Feel the Roar and became one of the guiding lights of future Lincoln lions. If you want to know what went down on Lincoln’s Feel The Roar this Fall 2022, read our blog post here.

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by Alyssa Sarmiento